CIE Summer Bridge Session

October 2, 2018



Wondering what it takes to break into entertainment and media? Hear industry trailblazers in entertainment discuss how they got their start and what advice they would give their younger selves.

Looking to network with industry professionals? Chat with professionals who can offer exclusive tips on how to make your resume stand out.

Interested in the power of storytelling to share your voice and point of view? Connect with influential changemakers who are using their platforms to inspire a more equal, inclusive future.

Curious about career opportunities that exist at the intersection of entertainment and other industries? Ask questions of entertainment companies looking for diverse new voices and perspectives, just like your own.

Part educational experience, part career fair, the CIE Tour connects you with industry leaders, tastemakers, and decision-makers in your area.

We are hosting events across the U.S. to bring you closer to fulfilling your dreams.

“Change Is Necessary And You Have To
Move The Culture With Change.”