The success of the CIE All-Stars will depend on their preparation for the workplace and the dedication of mentors who are invested in their success. The Will & Jada Smith Family Foundation leverages its vast network of entertainment leaders to identify strong mentors for the CIE Network. The role of the mentor is to serve as a source of guidance for the fulfillment of the All-Star’s goals. Below are the various mentorship levels:

All-Star Mentors (ASMs)

CIE All-Stars are Network team members who have been vetted and mentored by the CIE staff and have secured an entertainment industry internship.  By doing so they have earned an opportunity to receive 1:1 professional mentoring with a CIE Mentor.

CIE Mentors are enlisted to ensure success in the CIE All-Stars’ respective internship programs and to help establish a solid path for future success by holding the All-Stars accountable to the fulfilment of their stated Life Development Plan.  CIE All-Star Mentors are willing to leverage their networks to identify industry leaders and employment opportunities to supplement their Mentee’s network and career options. CIE All-Star Mentors commit to meeting monthly via phone or video conference for 12 consecutive months.  After the initial term, both the Mentor and Mentee may determine if they’d like the relationship to continue.

Master Mentors (MMs)

CIE Master Mentors  are mentors who are experts in a particular field (or the industry at large), but have limited availability for 1:1 mentoring.  These mentors commit to providing guidance to the CIE Network (or a subgroup) via an agreed upon platform. CIE MMs commit to 4 hours per year at their convenience.

Professional Skills Mentors (PSMs)

CIE Professional Development Mentors are HR and recruiting professionals who help CIE Network team members prepare for career entry by assisting with résumé formatting, polishing, LinkedIn profiles, and practice interviews.  CIE PSMs commit to one hour per month via teleconference, videoconference or email.

Onsite Tour Mentors (OTMs)

CIE Career Fair Exhibitors serve as the CIE Tour Onsite Mentors providing 1:1 advice and guidance to the 400-500 students who experience the Tour.  The one-day commitment enables the exhibitor to share his/her path to success and give cursory advice on entry into the entertainment profession.

Quarterly Call Mentors (QCMs)

CIE QCMs  are Professionals who share their path to success and advise the CIE Network on a CIE Quarterly Call.  This is a one-time commitment of 45-60 minutes. QCMs may opt to expand their commitment at any time.

For more in-depth information about the CIE Mentoring Program, please read our CIE Mentoring Manual.

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