About Us

Inclusion isn’t just a quota to fill.

For us, it’s a mission. The CIE initiative is committed to uplifting the next generation of storytellers. Beyond the powerful day of programming, you will become a part of the CIE network, gaining access to mentorship opportunities and will receive resources to guide your professional development. Becoming a part of the CIE network will bridge the gap between your reality and your dreams of working in entertainment.

We aim to infuse all facets of the industry with a new generation of distinct voices: Yours.

We believe that stories do not exist in a vacuum — when representative of the global human experience, they have the power to disrupt the status quo, challenge the mainstream perspective and inspire a more inclusive future.

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The CIE Tour: Access

Companies looking for new voices. Recruiters who can help you get noticed. Industry professionals at the top of their game. All in one place.

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The CIE Network: Opportunity

Keep in touch with other tour participants and mentors, and keep track of career goals. Trade stories and job listings, or collaborate on creative projects. Get advice from industry leaders as you navigate job searches and applications. It’s like getting the keys to the castle – from those who have already made it through the gates.

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The CIE Fellowship: Inclusion

Once you have been an active member of the CIE Network for a year, you are eligible to apply for the CIE Fellowship. This yearlong program gives you hands-on education and guidance as you start your career in entertainment.

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The WJSFF Story

“We must stand in our power.”
-Jada Pinkett Smith

The Will and Jada Smith Family Foundation (WJSFF) is a non-profit, charitable organization committed to helping underserved individuals live up to their greatest potential. Since 1996, WJSFF has invested in organizations and initiatives that empower traditionally overlooked communities. We place our money and effort where it will have the most significant long-term impact. Our strategic partners and investment recipients are innovative, sustainable entities that use their resources for maximum results.

Our vision is that every person will be emboldened to identify their own unique abilities and use them in service to humanity.